Lincoln martial artist crowned Rising Star

A Lincoln martial artist has been named the ‘Rising Star of the Year’ in a national award.

Dan Holloway, the owner of Defence Lab Lincoln, has been competing in martial arts since he was three years old and is now a 3rd degree black belt in Yoshinkan Aikido, a Japanese martial art.

He was nominated for the British Martial Arts award in a public vote and selected by a panel of judges.

Dan teaches a range of self-defence and martial arts classes, with his clients including the Lincolnshire police and the University of Lincoln.

“It was fantastic to win the award,” Dan said. “I’m always trying to do my best, so it was really nice to be recognised for what I do and represent Lincoln.”

Yoshinkahn Aikido was developed in Japan to bring both physical and spiritual health. It is considered one of the most difficult forms

Dan also won runner-up in the Book of the Year category for Martial Masters Vol. 1, which features candid interviews with 15 of the country’s top martial artists.

Dan claims he was inspired to succeed in martial arts as a child by Bruce Lee’s films. He now has tattoos on his arms of the legendary martial artist.

The martial arts community swapped their black belts for black ties at the glamorous awards ceremony, which was held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre on 22nd April.

The event had extra significance for Dan as he was able to meet several of his contemporary heroes, including Russell Jarmesty, who won Martial Arts Man of the Year.

Defence Lab Lincoln is based in Fight Specifix Gym on Exchange Road, the Priory Witham Academy on De Wint Avenue and the Priory City Acedemy on Skellingthorpe Road.

For information about their classes, visit their website:



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