Lincoln can produce famous boxer, says boxing coach

The owner of the Lincoln Fight Factory believes that Lincoln has the potential to produce a world-class boxer in the next few years.

Shawn Burton, coach and champion kickboxer, has some professionals at his full-time gym and believes Lincoln has plenty more talented fighters out there.

“I think Lincoln, for the size of it, has some talented boxers,” he said, “there’s a couple, I’m thinking of my gym, that could go to box at a good level.”

The politics of boxing is a hindrance to player development, according to Shawn, with players often involved in so-called trash talk, such as the likes seen between Dereck Chisora and Dillian Whyte, last year.

“I believe if more people got on with each other and supported each other,” said Shawn, “whichever gym you are from, if there was more support where you could do things such as train at each other’s gyms and spar with each other, rather than the bitterness of the rivalry, I believe that could go a long way to helping boxers.”

The most recent heavyweight fight between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko was praised for its respectful nature, and Shawn believes, despite his fights being on pay-per-view television, Joshua has a good impact on fellow fighters.

“Everyone knows who he is,” he said, “he is a household name. He is what I would call the perfect built heavyweight. If you had a computer game, and you had to design a heavyweight boxer, you are going to design Anthony Joshua.”

The Fight Factory, based on George Street, Lincoln, is now a full-time gym with over 400 members. As-well as a gym, it also offers opportunities to be coached in Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and offers personal training, fitness, and diet advice.

For more information on the coaches and how to access the facilities, go to the website –


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