Winning the Lincoln 10K: “My greatest achievement”

Over 5000 people pounded the cobbled streets of Lincoln on April 2nd, from the start on Nettleham Road to the city’s iconic Cathedral. For many of those runners, it was their first race or a charity event. However, for the elite group at the front, it was the culmination of months of hard work.

The first person to cross the finish line was Lincoln Wellington’s Joe Wilkinson, with a time of 30:23. He spoke to Sporting Lincolnshire about his promising running career to date and the race of his life.


How long have you been running for?

I’ve been running competitively for 6 years. However it’s only in the last 3 years that I have trained properly for racing, particularly 10Ks.


Which would you consider your highest achievement in running?

My highest achievement would probably be winning the Lincoln 10K actually, as the time I ran (30.23) places me 2nd in the UK for the under 23 age group. Parallel to this would be being picked to run for the North of England in the Home Countries International Cross Country championships in 2016 and 2017.


How many miles did you run per week while preparing for the Lincoln 10K?

On average about 75 miles per week, my highest being 85. The week of the race I actually ran 75 miles too.


The first eight people to finish were all from Lincoln Wellington Running Club; did you train together?

Yes we all train together, so a lot was on the line for bragging rights! We’ve all been training together for as long as I’ve been training, particularly for sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday night. Every other day is usually solo running.


Were you confident of winning throughout the race?

I felt really good after the first mile so I pushed on and opened a gap early in the race. I was never confident I had the race in the bag until the last 400 metres to be honest. You can’t be complacent in 10k races because gaps can open and close easily.


Will you be back to defend your title next year?

Yes, without a doubt.


Joe is currently ranked 146th in road running for men in the UK. To see his running statistics to date, visit:

You can also click here to read an interview with the winner of the women’s race, Clare Martin.


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