Walking 10,000 steps for charity will change your life

In the summer of 2016, I took up the challenge of walking 10,000 steps (the equivalent of around five miles) every day, after purchasing a Fitbit and seeing the unhealthy number of steps I had been doing. Almost 12 months later, and the habit has stuck. The motivation may have been to walk more, but now I just can’t stop.

This June, Cancer Research UK have unveiled a campaign to get people walking 10,000 steps a day to raise money for the charity. It might seem like a tough challenge to complete, especially as it’s a challenge that needs the effort every day, but the rewards on a personal note are definitely worth the trial.

Here’s a few things I have found rewarding about walking 10,000 steps every day:

  • It gives you more energy and hence makes you more productive. Tasks that may have taken several days to complete suddenly can all be crammed into one day. Whereas before it was easy to come up with an excuse, now you are forced into moving more and becoming more productive.


  • It makes you feel more productive. There’s a difference between being productive and actually going to bed satisfied with your days output. In the beginning of the 10,000-day challenge, before it became a habit, every challenge completed was an accomplishment. My advice would be to buy a step counter, and see all your hard work in action.
Keeping to your goal could have you walking all over – such as in the Lincolnshire Wolds
  • Finally, it encourages you to explore. After a while, all the areas near your house become exhausted and so you find yourself looking to get away to accomplish the challenge. Recently I have found myself climbing Kinder Scout, and walking at Wolds Top.  Lincolnshire has many different places to go out, explore and accomplish the task.

More importantly than anything though, there is an amazing opportunity to raise as much money as possible for a good cause. As a side effect, you could improve your health, fitness, well-being and explore more of the world around you. What’s there to lose?

If you are planning on getting involved this June, let us know via our contacts page.


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